A selection of links to demonstrate IronWorks Media's capabilites:

Photography by Ironworks

A few of my favorite senior photo sessions, along with some other subjects. Check back as we will be adding more.

Debra Loving

A Wordpress customization for WordPress 4.7.

Weninger Custom Guitars

This was economical marketing patch. The customer's business is primarily earned through word of mouth and had no interest in a web site. Because of the insistance from his customers to have a website, I was asked to make placeholder. Site opens to a google map widget and phone number.

Monroe St. Steakhouse

This site was done some years ago. Ironworks Media photogrpahed all the entrees, along with graphics pulled from photos of the actual neon sign, billboard and accent lights. Also an example of google map widget with Detroit attractions near the restaurant.

Creative Outdoor Designs

This is another older site which had extensive photo preparation and content organization.

Church of Proverbs

Demonstration of a custom bible verse plugin for WordPress 4.7


A design trial to showcase a custom theme for Wordpress.


Coinonger was a personal adventure that is here for historical purposes.

Color Morph & Pattern Registry

Fandi was a fun and intense project for lizard pedigrees. The business idea had tough competition and was abandoned. I'm still proud of the layout, even though it is outdated to the point of "retro".

Proposals and logos

I'll soon be adding some of the propsals that didn't win, and some of my own logo creations.